Villa Papini Dvori
Pašman 150
HR-23262 Pašman
Tel: +38598259618

Villa Papini Dvori

5* Luxury Villa in the Heart Of Dalmatia


Useful Info

Ambulance: Tkon & Nevidane on Island Pasman; Preko on Island Ugljan.
First-aid kit available in the house.
Hospital: Zadar & Biograd
Pharmacy: Tkon (Island of Pasman)
Gas station: Preko (Island of Ugljan), Biograd (land)
Fire-fighters: in the village. Fire extinguisher is in the house.
Police: Biograd (land)
Cash machine & Post in the village of Pasman
Exchange rate: 1 € = approx. 7,50 kn. (Ask Pape and he will get you the best rate)

Please note

The islands of Pasman & Ugljan are connected by bridge.

In the sea there are no dangerous sharks or jellyfish.

Watch out on sea urchins (Btw they are sign of extra clean water)!

In Croatia there are no private beaches; from time to time some other people may come to your beach in front of the house.

There are no many mosquitos; nevertheless our recommendation is to use small protection device which you will find in the house.

Sea current can be 5 miles and that is why the sea is so clean. Please, do not swim alone in the middle of the channel. Beaches are protected from the strong current.

Water from the pipe is good for drinking. It is coming from Velebit mountain.

Hot water from the pipe is boiled, coming from the solar tank on the house roof. Be careful during showering!

During showering always use rubber mat.

Kids in the pool have to be supervised. Pool is 1,5 m deep!

Kids on the boat need to have safe jackets!

Kids in the car need to sit in the children chair.

The goods sheds under the pool is only for villa staff.

Your host,
Srdjan Vidovic “Pape”
will be all the time in the village to make you holidays best ever!

Welcome to Papa’s Court Villa!

We are looking forward to meet you soon
Villa Papini Dvori
Pašman 150
HR-23262 Pašman
Tel: +38598259618
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